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For bespoke items of furniture through to complex interior design concepts and build projects, we strive to satisfy your need for real craftsmanship realising the individuality of your dreams.
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Welcome home


Oak kitchen with island
Oak table with oak kitchen & island with wine cooler and bar

Welcome home! Discover timeless elegance and natural beautiful oak within this custom kitchen-, livingroom-, and bedroomdesign. Our interior design made of oakwood combines quality, functionality and aesthetics on the highest level.

Kitchen Details

In-build Kitchenaid kitchen
Build-in Neff ovens oak kitchen fronts


With a view

Handgefertigter Tisch aus massiver Eiche. Kontrastierende Füße aus Schwarzstahl mit detailliertem Hirschlogo.

Oak table & kitchenbar with mountain view

Calming oase


The warm golden tones of oak create an inviting atmosphere and provide your home with a touch of luxury. Every piece of furniture is individually made on behalf of your wishes, to make sure that your home is not only beautiful, but also perfectly tailored to your needs.

Livingroom library oak devider and bookshelf
Room devider oak wood
Livingroom oak library and room devider
Oak bookshelf side table polished black with oak
walk-in closet

Walk-in closet



Sophisticated and elegant. Be enchanted by the natural beauty and discover how your home will become your unique save space.

Side table oak
Bedroom costum fabric walls

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