Our Story - Kröll.Winkel
For bespoke items of furniture through to complex interior design concepts and build projects, we strive to satisfy your need for real craftsmanship realising the individuality of your dreams.
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Our Team

Our young team is loaded with energy.

As well as being a passionate interior design and bespoke carpentry manufacturer we enjoy capturing the energy of the sun and sharing it with our workers and our clients. We invite you to charge your electric car or vehicle at no cost while we show you our factory. We are big on sustainability; we produce our own solar power and use thermal energy to power all our woodworking machinery and to meet our building power needs.

Please join us for a look around at what we do and how we use natural resources to power our work.


Our Location

Our factory is based in the beautiful Pinzau, that is located in the main chain of alps in the high Tauern and just a few kilometers from Zell am See and Kaprun.

We are deeply connected with the alpine culture and are proud to create furniture and interior design that stands for aesthetics, sustainability and quality.

Our high alp mountain landscape inspires us on a daily basis and plays a part in the designs of kröll.Winkel.


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In conversation with Lorenz Winkel and Andreas Kröll

Mr. Kröll, Mr. Winkel, or may I say Andreas and Lorenz?

ANDREAS: Andreas, please!

LORENZ: Please, I’m Lorenz!


How come Andreas, that you, as a carpenter, teamed up with Lorenz, a shipbuilding architect?

ANDREAS: well, 15 years ago Lorenz bought the house next to my family mountain farm here in Pinzgau and over the years we have created his own dream mountain home together.

LORENZ: Yes, our story started from there, an intimate friendship was born and we have been working on our concept the entire time. We both value design and well executed craftsmanship and I have to say that Andi is a really talented carpenter who knows how to perfectly realize a creative idea. Besides that I just love the Pinzgau, the country and the people.

ANDREAS: I very much appreciate the creativity and the ideas of Lorenz,  a lot of very special designs for a wide spectrum of our customers have been born out of that.


Lorenz, what did you do before you started this business?

LORENZ: I studied shipbuilding architecture in Holland, followed by a master’s degree in quality management in Germany, after which I worked as a quality manager for a couple of years.

After that I had been working in sales of work ships and luxury yachts for over 20 years. I was traveling more than 120 days a year and was able to gather inspirations from many different countries. A lot of design ideas that I like to incorporate into our products today.


Andreas, what about you?

ANDREAS: After my carpentry apprenticeship in the neighboring town, I stayed working there for a few years, after that I worked within the planning and work-preparation department for quite a big and internationally very successful carpentry company, where we worked with luxury yachts, hotels and private homes. It was a great and design-technically very varying time for me.

But it always was my dream to start my own business. I then took the step towards self-employment in 2009.


And then?

ANDREAS: A few years ago we were able to move into the commercial property here in Högmoos, only 10 km from Zell am See / Kaprun, directly on the B311.LORENZ: We designed and built our building from A-Z ourselves and are almost 100% energy self-sufficient: we heat with the power of the sun and produce our own electricity for the machines. We are happy to pass these cost savings on to our customers.ANDREAS: Yes, we are quite proud of our beautiful, efficient and tidy workshop and our design-oriented showroom.


Who are your customers today?

ANDREAS: everyone is welcome!LORENZ: Yes, just visit us for a good cup of coffee and a good conversation, we always have time for that!ANDREAS: (laughs) of course we also have other drinks at our bar. Regarding your question: we design and build a lot for renowned hotels and private homes in Austria, but our export to neighboring countries is also growing steadily.


You have developed your own signature look?

LORENZ: Yes, that’s right. We love combining different materials such as stone, glass, steel and wood. That always results in very special designs.ANDREAS: In our own carpentry and glazing shop, we can meet every customer request. Customers who want their own designs to be realized are also very welcome.LORENZ: With Lara Goian arts we have developed our own lamp collection.ANDRES: We also continuously have special products from our partner Rauriser Natural stones on display.


 What’s up with your logo?

LORENZ: That was my eldest daughter Laura’s idea, she thought that the stag would suit Andreas and me very well, it had to be a modern interpretation that stands for our style, balancing design between highly modern and traditional craftsmanship. In the end, we developed the logo together with a graphic designer from London and also had it protected by copyright worldwide.ANDREAS: We artfully process our logo in all of our pieces, according to customer requirements. Our logo stands for top quality.


Your values?

LORENZ: Friendliness – cleanliness – top qualityANDREAS: Yes, it’s that simple, we all stick to our motto!


And your team?

ANDREAS: Yes, we’re really lucky. We have very good and experienced employees and we always have 3 to 4 apprentices in training. Even though craftsmanship is always our top priority, we all enjoy our work.LORENZ: Yes, we have a very talented and fit team. We find self-development and personal responsibility very important. With both of you, I can really say: „Creativity meets tradition“Thank you very much for this interview and I wish you a lot of success!

Our Showroom

Our Workshop