Our Story - Kröll.Winkel
For bespoke items of furniture through to complex interior design concepts and build projects, we strive to satisfy your need for real craftsmanship realising the individuality of your dreams.
Kröll. Winkel, design and manufacturing facility, Taxenbach, complex interior design concepts, real craftsmanship, Interior, Design, Carpentry, Kitchens, Living rooms, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Wellness, Wood, Stone, Glass, Steel, fine textiles
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Our Team

Our young team is loaded with energy.

As well as being a passionate interior design and bespoke carpentry manufacturer we enjoy capturing the energy of the sun and sharing it with our workers and our clients. We invite you to charge your electric car or vehicle at no cost while we show you our factory.


We are big on sustainability; we produce our own solar power and use thermal energy to power all our woodworking machinery and to meet our building power needs.

Please join us for a look around at what we do and how we use natural resources to power our work.


Our Showroom

Our Workshop