Bullfrog - Kröll.Winkel
For bespoke items of furniture through to complex interior design concepts and build projects, we strive to satisfy your need for real craftsmanship realising the individuality of your dreams.
Kröll. Winkel, design and manufacturing facility, Taxenbach, complex interior design concepts, real craftsmanship, Interior, Design, Carpentry, Kitchens, Living rooms, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Wellness, Wood, Stone, Glass, Steel, fine textiles
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Bullfrog has been making design oriented indoor and outdoor furniture for over 27 years. Bullfrog stands for passion. Passion for design. Passion for the combination of form and function. An eye for Uniqueness and demand for quality.

Bullfrog’s materials are exceptional. Both in color as in function. They give each piece of furniture its own character and give your style an upgrade.


Bullfrog chairBullfrog chair unfold
Bullfrog sofa unfoldBullfrog sofa

Today’s design is tomorrow’s culture

Bullfrog couch